Making Dreams Come True

I've always loved planning. From parties, to trips, to what I'm making for dinner! Planning comes instinctively for me. Helping friends and family with their personal events for years has inspired me to put my talents and ideas in motion and start a business doing what I enjoy. Getting a certificate in Event Planning and always wanting to learn and create more keeps me motivated and on my toes! With my added experience in Marketing, Sales and, of course,  Event Planning, I am qualified and prepared to help with your planning purposes.Working with clients to plan an event and then see it all unfold and beautifully come together is amazing. I'd be honored to help make your event shine!

Stacey Engfer-Gossman
Event Planner - Owner
Details Matter

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We do a FREE initial consultation. Call or email us today. We can help answer all your questions, and ask some questions of our own to learn more about your visions. We will explore ideas collaboratively to make it all come to life and work with all budget levels. We would love to hear from you so we can start planning you next event! 

Details Matter
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